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 The Temp. & Average Rainfall 
of different months
in Holy City Ajmer is as following:

Months. Max. Temp Min. Temp Avg. Rain
Jan 22 8 14
Feb 25 11 8
Mar 31 15 9
Apr 37 21 4
May 41 26 10
June 39 27 54
July 34 26 193
Aug 32 24 239
Sep 33 23 90
Oct 33 18 19
Nov 29 12 3
Dec 24 9 4

Ajmer weather is a typical desert type. In the summer time, the climate of Ajmer is very hot and in winters, it is quite cool. Both in summers as well as in winters, there is a wide difference in the day and night temperature.

 Regarding the average temperature in summers (from April to June), the maximum is around 45 C. The winters in Ajmer stretch from November to February. The winters of Ajmer are quite chilly. In the monsoon season, the first rain covers the city in green. All the small mountains of the city start becoming green with the first drop of rain. The climatic conditions of Ajmer, Rajasthan are the best during the period of October to March, making it the ideal time to visit the City.

Kindly arrive as per weather conditions 
to avoid any type of inconvenience

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