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Mannat Big Badi Deg Ajmer Sharif Dargah Darbar, Small Choti Deg Ajmer Sharif Dargah Darbar, Online Booking

big cauldrons (DEGS) ajmer sharif dargah, small cauldron (DEG) ajmer sharif dargah online booking

Langar & Biryani Deg or to make any type of offering in name of  Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty

Online Booking Cauldrons Ajmer Sharif Deg, Langar Dargah, India

Ziarat Ajmer Sharif Dargah India  

Inside Dargah Sharif two big Deghs (pots) are installed for cooking Niaz (purely vegetarian food; cooked with rice, ghee, nuts, safron & sugar). The system of cooking food in cauldron (Degh) was first introduced by Akbar. Since then a large quantity of food of different kinds has always been cooked in Deghs generally at night, and is distributed among the people after Fajr (morning) prayers.

Tomes Coryat, who visited Ajmer, at the time of Jahangir, says that the Mughal emperor once ordered the preparation of Khichri in the Degh to be distributed among
5000 people, taking out the first on a platter with his own hands, followed by the Queen, Noor Jehan, and other ladies of the Harem. Once, Shahjahan mixed the meat of a Nilgai (one of the species of antelope) in the preparation of Degh, which he had shot during a hunting expedition. In the second half of the eighteenth century, when Ajmer came under the control of the Marathas and Rajputs, a new kind of food known as Kesaria Bhat (saffroned sweet rice) was cooked in these Deghs and that has continued to this day. Information, Info, About, Contact, Head Office, Dargah, Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, Ajmer Sharif, Head Office, Details, India, Rajasthan, Info About, Contact Head Office, Dargah, Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, Ajmer Sharif, Head Office, Details, India,

Big Degh : It was presented by Emperor Akbar, 4800 kgs of food can be cooked in it and the cost comes to about 150,000.00 Indian Rupees.

Small Degh : It was presented by Emperor Jahangir, 2400 kgs of food can be cooked in it that approximately amount to 75,000.00 Indian Rupees. N.B. : 1. All these Deghs are cooked by Zaireen (pilgrims/devotees) who can afford to cook, Bavakalat (through) respective Khadims of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. If anyone of you has a plan to cook Degh at any time of the year, please let me know in advance, so that I may make the necessary arrangements required, as Deghs are cooked all the year round. It can be cooked in your personal presence and also in your absence, on your behalf or any sort of Niyaz you want to cook other then Degh.

Mobile No. +91 8875300786 ;  +91 9461130786 



Right from the time of HUZOOR KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ (R.A) the Langar is cooked twice a day in the Darbar of HUZOOR KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ (R.A) and is distributed among the poor without any discrimination


We perform monthly fathea of HAZRAT KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ (R.A) on every sixth of Islamic month known as Chatti Sharief beside that we also perform the fathea and urs of prophet MOHAMMED (S.A.W), and all the famous successors and predecessors of PROPHET MOHAMMED (S.A.W) and of GHARIB NAEAZ (R.A). Special function are held on eid meeladun nabi, urs of KHULFA-A-RASHIDIN and of GHAUSPAK. Shab-e-Miraje , Shaban-e-moazam etc. we welcome anybody to take part in all these pious and auspicious functions and fatheas and get benefited by heavenly reward


To cover the Holy Mazar a velvet cloth is required which is offered by the devotes of KHAWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ (R.A) this velvet cloth is usually 42 meters in size

We make it possible for you to participate in all the activities of Dargah Sherief these activities include Milad , Khatam-e-Quran , special monthly prayers , offering of Ghilaf , Sandalwood , Flowers and we also make arrangement for the donation of room by devotees for people visiting the holy shrine .
If you want to visit the holy Darbar of HUZOOR GHARIB NAWZ (R.A) and participate in any of this activity contact me I will make free arrangement for your lodging , food and other niceties.

Note: We don't accept zakat , sadqa, fitra. Please don't send zakat ,sadqa or fitra money for offerings and Nazar-o-Neaz.

Aashiqane khwaja are requested to contact me for making

Holy Belongings / Tabarrukat Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty  (R.A) Ajmer Sharif, Rajasthan, India

Ajmer Sharif live Darshan Dargah OF Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty Ziarat Ajmer Sharif Dargah Ziyarat Ajmer Sharif Dargah Ziyarat Rajasthan, India

We wish you get the blessings (Dua) of Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz (R.A.) and Tabarruk (Prasad) in the following form of Ziarat-e-Khas Tabarrukat of Huzoor Gareb Nawaz (R.A.):

1. Quaran-E-Pak of Huzoor Gareeb Nawaz (Written by Khwaja himself)

2. Golden Stick (Chhadi Mubarak) of Huzoor Gareeb Nawaz used in Mehfil.

3. Gusal Mubarak of Huzoor Gareeb Nawaz    

a. Silver Pot (Pyale) for sandal (Chandan)   

 b. Lotey Sharif (Pot for Gulab Jal (rose Water)- Silver made    

c. Farrasa of Morpankh with silver handle for cleaning the floor    

d. Chamer Sharif Morpankh with silver handle for cleaning the Mazaar (Holy Tomb)

4. Gilaf sharif / Chader sharif presented from Mughal time to present day.

5. Parda sharif of Khana-e-Kaba. Brought from Macca Sharif.

6. Neeme / Bastane Sharif of white cloth for use during Khidmat Sharif

7. Holy shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Fakhruddin Gurdezi (R.A.) Heriditarity Grand Father of Khuddam-e-Khwaja.

Ajmer Ziarat Mazar Sharif 

You may like to note that Ziarat as mentioned above can only be made possible by Syed Samir Chishti Shah and you may like to get in touch with him at the contact details mentioned in this website for the divine experience. The Ziarat of this Holy Tabarrukat of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) can be made possible only by the Khadims Syed Chishty family who have blood relation with Khawaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A).

 Only these Khadims Syed Chishty family of Dargah Ajmer Sharif have legal right to made Ziarat of these Holy Belongings through out the world.

Historical Monuments in Ajmer Dargah Sharif India Rajasthan

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" Classic Pictures Photos Images Gallery of Sultan-Ul-Hind Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, Shrine Ajmer Sharif (1880) "  

" Classic Pictures Photos Images Gallery of Sultan-Ul-Hind Hazrat  Khwaja Garib Nawaz, Shrine Ajmer Sharif (1880) "  

A view of Classic Pictures, Photos, Images Dargah Bazar in 1899 A.D. Hyderabad Nizam Gate is not persent yet.
 The present main gate of the dargah was built by the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1911 A.D. or 1915 A.D

A view of the Classic Present Pictures, Photos, Images Dargah Bazar with Hyderabad Nizam Gate, Main Entrance of Dargah Ajmer India


Buland Darwaza


High entrance that was erected by Mahmood Khilji or one of his successors.
Before the commencement of Urs Sharif a flag is hoisted on top of this gatewith grand ceremony
on the 25th Jamadiulsaani for ushering the 'Urs' of Khawaja Saheb,
which starts from 1st of Rajab(The 7th month of lunar Calendar)

Badi Deg

On either side of the second gate i.e Buland Darwaza in front of
Sahan Chiragh (courtyard lamp),
there are two huge Degs (cauldrons for cooking food)fixed into solid masonryin
which a palatable mixture of rice sugar, ghee (butter) and dried fruits are cooked
for distribution to the public as tabarruk.The pilgrims cook this Deg Individually.

Choti Deg

The circumference at the edge of the larger cauldron is 10-1/4 feet.
It cooks 70 mounds of rice,while the smaller Deg takes 28 mounds.
One of them was presented by Akbar in 1567 A.D.
The well-to-do pilgrims Individually make these Degs to be cooked.

Mehfil Khana

On the west of the Saham Chiragh stands the magnificent building of Samakhana or Mahfilkhana (auditorium with darbar hall) which was built by Nawab Bashir-ud-Dowla Sir Asmaan Jah of Hyderabad Deccan in 1888-91 A.D. This spacious hall is 46 feet square with a gallery of 14 feet running around it.It is used for 6 days only during the annual Urs for religious ‘Mahfils’
in which Qawwali is the chief item of programme commencing at 11 P.M.
and ending with Fatiha in the early hours of morning at 4 A.M.

Begami Dalaan

Overhanging the principal eastern to the Shrine or Mausoleum, there is a handsome porch known as Begami Daalaan which was built in 1643 AD by Princess Jahan Ara Begam, the favorite daughter of Emperor Shah Jahan. The walls and the beautiful marble pillars of the Begami Daalaan were done in colorful gold in 1888 AD. Later on, the ceiling of this Daalaan was also embellished in gold with the money donated by a Muslim merchant of Bombay. This beautiful portico was used by the Begams or ladies of the Moghul harem during their frequent visits to the shrine.There are two simultaneous entrances to the Shrine through the Begami Daalaan. The doors of both of them are mounted with heavy silverplate carved in ornamental details. The tomb is of white marble inlaid with pieces of precious stones and is daily bestrewed with sandal-paste and Itars (perfumes).
 It is always covered with very costly  ‘Ghilaafs’ (coverings made of velvet and silk)
embroidered with pleasing gold and silver tracings.

Shahjehani Mosque


On the south wing of the Mahfil khana stands the Jama Masjid or Shah Jahani Mosque,
 which is a fine piece of Moghul architecture. All the 99 sacred names of Allah
with 33 Quranic verses are beautifully inscribed in the mosque.


Auliya Mosque

The place where Khawaja Sahib stayed for a few days, when he came to Ajmer
for the first time,has now been turned into a mosque called Aulia Masjid.
It is made of white marble. Devotees use it only for recitation of
Holy Quran and thanks giving prayers.


Chilla of Baba Farid Ganj Shakar(R.A)


Situated between Jama Masjid and Sandali Masjid in the premises of Hazrat khwaja Muinuddin's Dargah at Ajmer. Along the left-hand wall, in the background of the Sandali Masjid there is a small gate which leads down to the under-ground cell in which Hazrat Baba Farid remained in a chilla (secluded prayers) for 40 days in spiritual communion with the Holy Saint of Ajmer.This gate is opened for public Ziarat (visit) on the night of the 5th of Moharram (the date of Baba farid's death)every year when thousands of pilgrims visit the place from all over India to seek his spiritual benediction.


Jannati Darwaza

This gate too is situated on the western sideof the Shrine adjacent to the tomb of Gaiti Ara.
The doors of the gate are covered with silver metal.It is opened onlyfour times
during the year,viz. twice on Eids (for one day) during theannual Urs (for six days)
and on the 6th ofShawwal, the Urs of Khawaja Saheb's Pir.


Bibi saheba


This Shrine is of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty’s (R.A) wife.


Victoria tank

Akbari Mosque

This Mosque was constructed by Emperor Akbar as a token of his Devotion and Gratitude
on the occasion of the birth of prince Salim(Jahangir) in the year 1455 A.D.
It is a Square of 140x140x2 feet and its central area is 56 (feets) high. In the centre,there had been a hauz(tank) for wazoo(ablution).Owing to certain resons,the hauz was closed and covered.
 Now the Mosque is known as Akbari Mosque.At present this place also houses a
Quranic Educational Institution to provide religious education to the children

Langar khana (Free public kitchen)

Langar Khana is a free public kitchen where about 5 mounds of barley meal is cooked
twice a day and distributed to the people without any discrimination.It is said that the only food which
Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty (R.A) used to have was a morsel of crushed barley.

Peer Baba ji Syed Sameer Chishti Shah

s/o Pir Baba ji  Syed Sultan Chishti Shah

Peer Baba ji Syed Sameer Chishti Shah

s/o Pir Baba ji  Syed Sultan Chishti Shah

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Gaddi Nashin Aastana-e-Aliya Ghareeb Nawaz

111 , Faiz Manzil, Nathwan Shah, Khadim Mohalla, Dargah Sharif
Ajmer-305001 (Raj.) India

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